NEW YORK - AUGUST 9:  A black limousine-service car makes its way near Wall Street August 9, 2004 in New York City. Government officials have warned that intelligence points toward terrorists considering using tourist helicopters and Manhattan's ubiquitous limousine cars as possible attack vehicles on the city.  (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Uber urges people to buy cars


Uber, the online international transportation company has created an immense hype amongst its users. A survey from Frank N. Magid Associates revealed People want to own a car to earn profit out of it. According to Magid, director of research, 2,000 Uber users were surveyed, out of which 22% are having second thoughts on buying a car. Thanks to Uber!

Uber is an app that offers a ride from black car services or independent car drivers. Uber’s real contender is not taxis. It is the auto industry is itself! The owner of Uber, Travis Kalanick wants to replace the car ownership with ride hailing. However, the non Uber users were not surveyed; hence we are not sure of the precise statistics yet! But the survey found out significant statistics on people’s opinions on the most famous transportation company. Although Uber has been considered as an immense tech winner with its $51 billion valuation, statistics show it’s very far from profitable. However, Uber considering auto industry’s business will help in its improvement in profit. To have the cost of the rides low and the paychecks of the drivers high, the company must have many people to use its service as much as possible. The survey shows the raw truth of people’s desire because of the Uber’s credibility. Many people are less likely to own a car or even a license because they are not able to afford them. The company should offer exciting offers and deals in order to attract a larger crowd.


Uber is falling apart in Indonesia


Uber seems to be a fail among the Indonesians. The company is making less profit in Indonesia when compared to the other countries. All profit made is either going to the drivers or to the owners of the rented cars and Uber is left with no other choice. The entire profit goes to the drivers and owners; Uber is not given any share of it. However, the company is planning to give away only 80 percent to the Uber drivers and reward itself with 20 percent in the following years to come. Uber is currently operating in the cities Greater Jakarta, Bandung and Bali. Indonesians, especially people of Jakarta seem to be interested about non cash transactions.This is one of the most important features of Uber that is sure to attract many customers throughout Indonesia. There are many people out there in Indonesia who still carry money with them to pay the cab drivers, but the non cash transaction allows people to pay the raid fees through credit cards and debit cards. This feature also lessens people’s worry of having to pay the cab drivers with extra cash. The company adds that it has submitted a permit to the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) to accomplish a foreign investment company. The company also hopes to build the PMA Company by the end of 2015 or by the beginning of 2016. Let us hope Uber makes up for the loss in the following years to come!