The Wedding of

Alejandro L. Bentz Balseiro and

Cynthia Ortiz Torres


March 9, 2012 ~~ 2:00 p.m.


The Staunton Choral Gardens Bed and Breakfast

Staunton, Virginia


The bride and her mother coming downstairs for the ceremony:


The ceremony begins:




Exchanging rings:



The coins:



The conclusion of the ceremony:



The kiss:


The bride and groom with the wedding officiant:


Cynthia and Alejandro with their son right after the ceremony:


The bubbles: 



The  gift table:


The reception table:


The marriage license:


Cutting the cake and sharing it:



The wedding toast:



Tossing the bridal bouquet:


Tossing the garter and look who caught it!



Candid photos of Cynthia and Alejandro after the ceremony:



What a beautiful bride Cynthia is!!


More photos of the bride and groom:


Family photos:




"We wish you a lifetime filled with joy, good health, and an abundance of God's blessings for you and your family."  -- Carolyn and Ralph, Innkeepers