The Wedding Day


Deewayne and Mary Brooks


December 2, 2013


The Staunton Choral Gardens - Staunton, Virginia


The reception table:


The wedding cake:


Wayne, before the ceremony:


Mary, in their room, before the ceremony:


Wayne and the Wedding Officiant going over details before the ceremony:


The Wedding Officiant and the Groom awaiting the bride:


Mary coming downstairs for the ceremony:


Mary entering the front parlor for the ceremony:


The ceremony begins:


Exchanging rings:


The end of the ceremony:


Their first kiss as a married couple:


Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Brooks!


Mary and Wayne with the Wedding Officiant, Bill Dull:


Just married!!


Time for a wedding toast:


Opening a gift from the Innkeeper:


Cutting the cake:


Having the first bite of wedding cake:


~ A photo album of Wayne and Mary ~

Mary's pretty shoes:


Their wedding rings:



Mary -- such a beautiful bride!


Wayne and Mary -- special photos together after their wedding ceremony:



Through the looking glass photos (taken in the mirror!):


Special Portraits:


"We wish you a long life together and that each day your love will grow more and more as you receive an abundance of God's richest blessings in your life!"

-- Carolyn and Ralph, Innkeepers