The Wedding Day


Gabriel and Holly Courage


 The Staunton Choral Gardens B&B

Staunton, Virginia

~ September 2, 2013 ~


The reception table:


The wedding cake:


The bridal bouquet:


The rings:


Gabriel coming downstairs for the ceremony:


Holly and Elizabeth coming downstairs for the ceremony:


Elizabeth was the first one to go down to the lower garden:


The couple and Wedding Officiant going down to the lower garden for the ceremony:


The wedding ceremony begins:


Saying their vows:


The ring exchange:


The conclusion of the ceremony:


The wedding kiss:


Immediately after the ceremony:


Coming back from the lower garden for the reception:


Coming back into the main inn for the reception:


Going into the dining room:


The wedding toast:


Cutting the wedding cake:


Sharing a taste of their wedding cake:


Photo album of the wedding couple, Gabriel and Holly:


Photos of Gabriel and Holly with their darling little daughter, Elizabeth:


Elizabeth enjoying a piece of cake:


Elizabeth opening a present her parents had brought for her:


Elizabeth joining in during the photo session with Gabriel and Holly:


What a wonderful couple and little girl!!


More great photos of this wonderful family:



"We wish you a lifetime of God's richest blessings,"

Carolyn and Ralph, Innkeepers