The Wedding


Gerry and Jade Collazo


12 - 12 - 12


The Staunton Choral Gardens Bed and Breakfast in Staunton, Virginia


The wedding cakes:


The reception table:


The rings:


Their special champagne flutes:


Their Certificate of Marriage:


The wedding favors:


Some of the roses especially for Jade (she loves roses!):


The men gather at the foot of the stairs awaiting the ladies.


The ladies come downstairs at the start of the ceremony.


The bridesmaids:


The groom and two of the groomsmen:


The third groomsman, Jade's big brother Eric, escourts Jade down the stairs.


Jade and her big brother Eric before they enter the living room for the ceremony:


Jade and Eric going into the living room for the start of the ceremony:


The ceremony is ready to begin.


~ The ceremony ~


Gerry puts the wedding ring on Jade's finger.


The ceremony continues.


The wedding kiss (one of them!):


Just married!


Jade and Gerry with the Wedding Officiant, Bill Dull:


The bridal party:


The beautiful bride, Jade:


Jade and Gerry:


Jade's shoes:


Gerry pours the first glass of champagne for Jade.


Their wedding toast:


Several people made toasts:


The family of Jade and Gerry:


The toast by the best man:


The toast by one of Jade's wonderful sisters:


More photos of Jade and Gerry:


Cutting the cake:


The first bite of the wedding cake:


More reception photos:


Their rings:


Opening a gift to Jade, from the Innkeepers:


Opening a special card from parents:


Jade and her sisters:


What a handsome groom!


What a beautiful bride!


Starting a beautiful life together -- Gerry and Jade!


"We wish you a long and healthy life together filled great joy and love for each other and with an abundance of God's richest blessings."

-- Carolyn and Ralph, Innkeepers