Girlfriend Getaways in Virginia
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Several Accommodations to choose from:  The Main House of the B&B + The Carriage House at the B&B + The Suites Building at the B&B + 2 vacation rental houses.
Choose the accommodation which best suits the size of your group.


If you like, we'll arrange Special Packages for your group:



day spas

horseback riding

winery tours

balloon rides

cooking classes

jewelry parties

. . . & more ! ! !



Enjoy staying in any of our special properties.

Call and let us know the size of your group and we'll help you figure out which are the best accommodations for your group.

We are known for our multi-course breakfasts.  Let us know if you have special dietary needs or food restrictions.


Call: (540) 885-6556






 Let us call and get hospitality pricing on your tickets at The Blackfriars' Playhouse. 

(See photo of the theater above.)




We'll set up a SPECIAL PACKAGE for you at our favorite local Day Spa!



Special Rates and Packages:



For more information, rates, photos, and specials, go to our Home Page at

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