The Wedding


Jeremy and Keili Gunden


December 30, 2012


The Staunton Choral Gardens Bed and Breakfast

in Staunton, Virginia



The wedding cake:


The Certificate of Marriage:


The ceremony begins as the mothers light the candles.


Waiting for the candles to be lit:


The ceremony begins.


Exchanging rings:



Jeremy says his vows.


Keili says her vows:


The first wedding kiss:


Keili and Jeremy light their unity candle.


Their second wedding kiss:


The conclusion of the ceremony:


The third wedding kiss:


Keili and Jeremy with Bill Dull, the Wedding Officiant:


~ The Reception Photos ~


Pouring the champagne:


Keili and Jeremy having their first sip of champagne together:


Several toasts were made.


The wedding bouquet:


Their wedding rings:


Keili opens a gift from the Innkeepers.


Jeremy opens a wedding gift to them from the Innkeepers.


Cutting the wedding cake:


Taking the first bite of the wedding cake:


Relaxing after the ceremony:


Some special photos of Keili and Jeremy:

"We wish you all the very best that God has in mind for you for the rest of your lives together."  -- Carolyn and Ralph, Innkeepers