The Wedding


Mark and Kristen Westover

on November 23, 2012


The Staunton Choral Gardens Bed & Breakfast


Staunton, Virginia


The reception table:


The wedding cake:


Kristen, getting ready to leave The Carriage House, to come in for the ceremony:


Kristen as she leaves The Carriage House:


Mark is waiting with the Wedding Officiant and Kristen comes into the Main Inn.


Kristen meets the Wedding Officiant, Bill Dull.


The Wedding Ceremony begins.


Kristen and Mark, saying their vows to each other:


Mark places the wedding ring on Kristen's finger:


Kristen places Mark's wedding ring on his finger:


The ceremony continues.


Their first kiss as a married couple:


Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Westover:


Mark and Kristen with the Wedding Officiant right after the ceremony:


~ Just Married ~


It's time for a wedding toast.


Mark makes a toast to his bride.


It's time for wedding cake.


Cutting the cake:


The first bite of wedding cake:


Opening a gift from the Innkeepers:


Their rings:


Kristen and Mark:


What a beautiful bride!


More photos in the dining room:



Additional special photos of Mark and Kristen:



Mark and Kristen return to The Carriage House after the wedding.


~ Happily Married ~


"We wish you joy;  we wish you good health;  we wish you merry laughter and happy tears and warm feelings and sweet times;  we wish you all of God's rich blessings throughout your married life together which He has in store for you."

-- Carolyn and Ralph, Innkeepers