The Staunton Choral Gardens Bed and Breakfast

Staunton, Virginia

Our motto:
~~ Making wedding dreams come true at an affordable rate ~~


~ Package 1 ~

Choose any room or suite for your Wedding Night (at the regular daily rate) -- and you can have your special wedding day for only $155.00 over the cost of the room.  See Package 1 below:

 (Package 1)  "Found:  Lots of Love!  Seeking:  An Economical and Wonderful Wedding"

This economy is terrible, but we are romantics.  Let us help you make your wedding day the most special day of your life at very little cost.

Value Priced:  $155 + taxes over the cost of any accommodation.

*If there are 10 or more guests, there is a "clean-up fee" of $50.

OPTIONAL:  If you would like to do so, you may purchase the camera's memory card so you'll have all of your photos to take with  you.  The cost of the memory card is $20.

OPTIONAL:  If you prefer, you can bring your own camera -- and we'll use it to take your photos.

SPA SPECIAL:  We have arranged a SPECIAL rate for our guests are our favorite Day Spa.

Click here:   Spa Pampering


Gift Certificates Available

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