The Wedding of

Brittany and Rolando Florez-Amaya


August 17, 2012


The Staunton Choral Gardens B & B in Staunton, Virginia



Rolando comes down for the ceremony:


Brittany comes down for the ceremony:


The ceremony begins:


Saying their vows:


Exchanging their rings:


The end of the ceremony:


Their first kiss as a married couple:


The newly-married couple right after the ceremony:


Brittany and Rolando with the Wedding Officient, Mr. Dull:


Their marriage certificate:


Their rings and wedding bouquet:


Their first toast:


Brittany shows her earrings, a gift from the Innkeepers.


Another gift for the couple:


Cutting the wedding cake:


Giving each other the first piece of wedding cake:


Beautiful Brittany:


Handsome Rolando:


The couple together relaxing for a moment after the ceremony:


Brittany taking a photo (see the camera!) to send photos to friends and family:


Brittany and Rolando (they're married now!):


Beautiful Brittany after the ceremony:


What a wonderful couple!


Favorite shots of Brittany:


Rolando and Brittany just having a quiet moment together:


At the front door of the B&B (after the ceremony):


In the front yard (after the ceremony):

"Brittany and Rolando, we wish you a lifetime of happiness and a life centered around God knowing that He has a great love for you and that He will bless your marriage as you trust in Him."

-- Carolyn and Ralph, Innkeepers