Kristy's and Sam's Wedding

The Wedding of Sam Armstrong and Kristy Phinicie


Sunday, January 23, 2011

at The Staunton Choral Gardens Bed and Breakfast

Staunton, Virginia


Before the Wedding Ceremony:


Kristy coming down from upstairs


Kristy -- just before the ceremony



The Wedding Ceremony:



Saying their vows:



Exchanging rings:



Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong:


After the Wedding Ceremony:


The Wedding Certificate


In the Dining Room After the Ceremony:




A Toast to the Wedding Couple:




The Cake Cutting Ceremony:




Opening some presents:



The rings:


The beautiful bride:




The happy couple:






Some of the friends who attended the wedding (after the ceremony):


Kristy with her daughter and friends



Kristy and her good friends


Sam and his brother


Sam and his parents


Kristy and Sam with Sam's parents

 Some candid photos after the ceremony:

Kristy's pretty daughter








"We wish you a long and healthy life together filled with a love for each other that continues to grow year after year -- and we ask that God will richly bless you with the things in life that matter."

From Carolyn and Ralph

Innkeepers/Owners of The Staunton Choral Gardens B&B