The Wedding Day


Travis and Jen Robbins


The Staunton Choral Gardens Bed and Breakfast in Staunton, VA

November 3, 2012


The ceremony was held in the lower garden at the B&B.


The reception table:


Before the ceremony, guests gathered in the living room.


The wedding license information:


The Wedding Officiant leads the men into the lower garden, followed by the groom, his best man, and the Innkeeper.


The men as they reach the arbor:


The men and guests assembled in the lower garden:


The women emerge from The Carriage House with the children:


The bridesmaid:


The bride Jen emerges with her father:


Jen and her father proceed toward the lower garden:


They enter the lower garden:


They walk toward the wedding arbor.


Jen and her father as they approach Travis.


Jen's father presents her to Travis:


As her father takes his seat, the ceremony is about to begin.


The ceremony begins.


Jen's selection of Bible verses are read by the Innkeeper:


The ceremony continues:


The Wedding Officiant reads the traditional vows:


Travis and Jen wrote their own vows, and Travis is reading his to Jennifer:


Jennifer reads her special vows to Travis:


The exchanging of the rings:


The ceremony concludes.


The first kiss as a married couple:


The Wedding Officiant presents Travis and Jennifer, as husband and wife, to their guests.


Their little boy joins them!


Jen and Travis, as they leave the arbor:


Bill Dull, the Wedding Officiant, congratulates the couple after they reach the upper garden.


Their guests follow the couple to the upper garden.


Everyone comes inside for the reception.


Travis pours champagne for Jennifer.


Their first toast:


Several toasts were made!


A gift for the bride and another for them together, from the Innkeepers:


There were three cakes.


Their wedding rings:


Cutting the cakes:


Their first bite of wedding cake:


The wedding bouquet:


Several photos of the wonderful wedding couple:


Jen's boots!!!


"We wish you an abundance of God's blessings, good health, and much success throughout your life together."

-- Carolyn and Ralph, Innkeepers