The Wedding

of Robert Vito and Jenna Myers


The Staunton Choral Gardens Bed and Breakfast

~ June 23, 2012 ~


Rob's and Jenna's family waiting in the B&B living room before the wedding.


Rob going over the paper work with the Wedding Officiant, Mr. Dull:


The Marriage License:


Waiting in the courtyard before the ceremony:


Jenna and her daughter, Clara, emerging from The Carriage House:


Beautiful bride Jenna as she makes her way toward the courtyard.


Rob and Jenna, as the ceremony begins:


Jenna saying her vows to Rob:


Rob saying his vows to Jenna:


Part of the wedding vows were written by Jenna and Rob.


Exchanging rings:


Their first kiss as a married couple:


The second kiss:


Jenna and Rob right after the ceremony:


Clara occupied herself during the ceremony:


Jenna's and Rob's family with them after the ceremony:


Jenna and Rob leaving the courtyard:


Everyone made their way back inside for the reception.


Jenna and Rob coming inside for the reception:


Rob pours the sparkling beverage for Jenna.


Jenna's and Rob's toast:


Several toasts were made.


Then it was time to open gifts from the Innkeepers and Jenna was surprised with pearl earrings.


Another gift from the Innkeepers was an engraved silver box.


Jenna and Rob cutting the first slice of wedding cake:


Rob's uncle volunteered to cut the rest of the cake.


It's time for the first taste of the wedding cake.


Jenna's wedding bouquet has a variety of pink and red flowers, including a special lily and red roses.


Some candid photos:

Jenna taking care of her daughter (after eating wedding cake):


Jenna, Rob, and Clara (first family photo after the wedding):


Jenna and Rob relaxing for a moment before going out to dinner with their family and friends.



Such a lovely couple!


The rings and wedding bouquet:

"We  wish you a life filled with God's richest blessing for you and your family."  -- Carolyn and Ralph, Owners/Innkeepers