The Wedding Day


David and Tiffany Harbin


The Staunton Choral Gardens B&B

in Staunton, Virginia

~ April 17, 2013 ~


The reception table:


Before the wedding ceremony, David and the Wedding Officiant go over paperwork:


Tiffany as she comes downstairs for the ceremony:


The ceremony begins:


Exchanging vows:


Exchanging rings:


The conclusion of the wedding ceremony:


The wedding kiss:


Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Harbin!


David and Tiffany with the Mr. Dull, the Wedding Officiant:


The Certificate of Marriage:

~ The Reception ~

The wedding toast:


Opening some presents from the Innkeepers:


Cutting the wedding cake:


The wedding bouquet and their rings:


What a beautiful bride Tiffany is!


The newly-weds just relaxing after the ceremony:


Outside in the backyard:

~ In the "Secret Garden" ~


~ Sitting in the porch swing ~


~ Just enjoying the beautiful day . . . and each other ~


. . . and VERY SPECIAL photos (just for the fun of it -- David's idea) ! !

~ The Old-timers ~


The Old-timers (in color):


Such a wonderful and special couple!!!


"May God richly bless every day of your lives together!"

-- Carolyn and Ralph, Innkeepers